The New Zealand Dance Company Open Morning Class

Tutor: The New Zealand Dance Company
Advanced/Professional Level – 9:00 am | Weekdays when in residence (please check our online timetable or the company website as class styles and timetable varies)
NZDC Company Classes happen throughout the year when NZDC is in residence at Wellesley Studios. We warmly invite you to join us in our body research and technique classes. These are professional-level dance classes. However, don’t be intimidated by that professional word, come along and see what they are about.

Belly Dance

Tutor: Phoenix Belly Dance
Advanced – 6:00 pm | Mondays Beginners – 6:30 pm, Intermediate – 7:30 pm | Tuesdays
Belly Dancing is a form of exercise with graceful dance moves and beautiful feminine creativity based on the folkloric and performance dance styles of the Middle East. It’s a great way to get fit, flexible, confident and work every muscle in your body while having fun! Belly dancing is for all women of any age, size or fitness level and no experience in any dance form is necessary!

Advanced/ Professional Contemporary Technique

Tutor: Independance
Advanced/Professional Level, ages 16+ – 6:30 pm | Mondays
Independance contemporary dance classes reflect current professional practices for contemporary dancers in New Zealand. Classes reflect the current teaching approaches, research, choreographic and /or performance practice of the selected tutor. Classes consist of warm-up, core work and stability exercises, floor-work, standing exercises into phrase-work and spacial locomotion.


Tutor: ABADA Capoeira/Bruno Aulino
Open Level – 7:00 pm | Mondays and Thursdays
Capoeira is one of the main elements of Brazilian culture. A martial art that incorporates elasticity, speed, music and self-defence. Perfect for children’s development and perfect for adults who want to seek knowledge in martial art and at the same time work the physical part.

Eldoa Method and Myofascial Stretching

Tutor: Maintain Massage/Sarndra Walsh
Open Level – 5:00 pm | Tuesdays
The ELDOA method is an innovative form of exercise developed by world-renowned osteopath Dr Guy Voyer. ELDOA exercises consist of a series of specific postures aimed at relieving pressure and increasing blood flow around particular joints or spinal segments. This technique is a highly effective way to reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve posture, balance, and spine health.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Tutor: Meaghan Rowe
Intermediate/Advanced Level – 6 pm | Tuesdays
This class is aimed at people who have a good understanding of the principles of classical ballet, and are happy to work at their own pace within an open class environment. The class is designed to have multiple layers so that students may choose from varying levels of difficulty. The class is structured like a normal open ballet class, with barre work, centre practice, pirouettes and allegro, and will experiment with neo-classical style and technique within this framework.


Tutor: Marysa Theiler
Open Level - 7:00 pm | Tuesdays
Barrefigure is a targeted body-sculpting class fusing principles of ballet barre, Pilates and strength conditioning. The 60 minute barre fitness class targets all muscle groups and effectively tones, strengthens and lengthens them. Leave no muscle untouched as we work them to exhaustion then stretch out for relief. You’ll leave with toned shaky muscles (trust us – it burns so good), increased strength and endurance, improved flexibility, posture and energy. It’s totally addictive!

Elementary/Intermediate Ballet

Tutor: Katherine Avery
Elementary/Intermediate Level – 12:15 pm | Wednesdays
This is a one-hour open ballet class with a barre, centre practice and allegro. The focus is on providing participants with a class that can assist in maintaining and building a solid technique, while also enjoying some opportunities for individual style, dynamics, and a joy of movement. The environment is supportive, informative and inclusive.

Latin Fusion

Tutor: Gaby Sanchez
Beginners/Intermediate Level – 5:45 pm | Wednesdays
Latin Fusion is a combined class of rhythms and styles, which gives the opportunity to learn basics steps and technique in a fun environment, a mix of various musical influences that blends Reggae with Jamaican dancehall and American hip hop genres, with additional influences of salsa, bachata and other styles. You will find Latin inspired movements that project a lot of passion and sex appeal. This is an open class designed to get students up & moving. Please note that this is a group class, not a partner dance.

Pre-Professional Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary

Tutor: Lucy Lynch/Hannah Tasker-Poland/Bella Wilson
Intermediate/Advanced Level – 6:30 pm | Wednesdays
An evening contemporary class aimed for pre-professional, intermediate/advanced dancers who are 14+. Whether you would like to take your contemporary technique to the next level, prepare to enter a tertiary programme, or continue developing your skills, NZDC welcomes you to join us.

Physical Inquiry and Somatic Practice

Tutor: Independance
Open Level – 6:30 pm | Thursdays
Independance is introducing a new curation of classes based around physical inquiry and somatic practices for the mind and body. Classes include Contact improvisation, yoga, Qigong and much more. Each class will run over a two-four week block.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Tutor: Nicci McEwan
Intermediate/Advanced Level – 6:15 pm | Fridays
Nicci Theis Mcewan is offering open classes to beginner/intermediate level students and pre-professional dancers. As well as open classes Nicci is also available for private lessons, working on technique, artistry, getting back from injury and variation coaching.

Tribal Fusion

Tutor: Phoenix Belly Dance
Open Level – 9:30 am | Saturdays
This mixed-level class is fun and focused on executing beautiful basics and learning combinations in the style of contemporary fusion belly dance, in the lineage of tribal fusion belly dance. The class begins with a warm-up and mini-workout and includes isolations, across the floor, integrative movements and snippets of choreography.

Muscle and Bone

Tutor: Independance
Open Level – 10:00 am | Saturdays
M&B (Muscle & Bone / Mind & Body) is a vigorous, rhythmic, dynamic movement and spatial training system; encouraging participants to experience the limit of their flexibility, endurance and spatial expansion. The M&B workout is about understanding the depth of relationship to the ground, working space together and the communal body.

Intermediate Ballet

Tutor: Katherine Avery
Intermediate Level – 12:30 pm | Saturdays
This is a full open class with barre, centre work and allegro. The focus is on providing participants with a class that can assist in maintaining and building a solid technique, while also enjoying some opportunities for individual style, dynamics, and a joy of movement. Class is at Intermediate level with some more advanced steps woven in as appropriate to the participants. The environment is supportive, informative and inclusive.

Intermediate Pointe

Tutor: Katherine Avery
Intermediate Level – 2 pm | Saturdays
This class starts at the barre with some rises, relieves and balances. Centre work includes Temp lie, relieves – two to two feet, and two to one (choice is given to cater for varied strength), poses, pas de bourrees, introduction to turns, courus, and quite often level appropriate classical repertory. Centre work can be supported by the barre if that is appropriate.

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